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Meet Our Team

12 Team Members
  • John P. Connors, MD, FACS

    John P. Connors, MD, FACS

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Connors is a Harvard-trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon known for his excellence in breast, body, skin and facial procedures.

  • Tammy Parker

    Tammy Parker

    Practice Manager

    Tammy manages the behind-the-scenes aspects of the Practice that allow our office to run smoothly from day-to-day.

  • Kristy Hart

    Kristy Hart

    Patient Care Coordinator

    Kristy is the liaison between our new patients and Dr. Connors, she manages Dr. Connors surgery schedule, and works very closely with the entire staff

  • Jenny Azar, RN, BSN

    Jenny Azar, RN, BSN

    Aesthetic Nurse

    Jenny is Director of the Surgery Center and Lead Nurse. She assists Dr. Connors in surgery and also performs aesthetic skin care treatments.

  • Maggie Schreck, PA-C

    Maggie Schreck, PA-C

    Certified Physician Assistant

    Maggie specializes in administering injectables. As Physician Assistant, she assists Dr. Connors with numerous pre-op, surgical, and post-op duties.

  • Dr. Elise Tomaras

    Dr. Elise Tomaras


    Board-Certified Anesthesiologist Dr. Tomaras is a Member of Ambulatory Anesthesia Specialists, LLC.

  • Dr. Lisa Drake

    Dr. Lisa Drake


    Dr. Drake is a Member of Ambulatory Anesthesia Specialists, LLC

  • Lisa Judd

    Lisa Judd

    Front Office Manager

    Lisa manages the front desk and is generally the first voice you hear on the phone and the first smiling face you see when you walk into the office.

  • Heidi Carney

    Heidi Carney

    Medical Aesthetician

    Heidi Carney is a highly sought after Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Laser Specialist, and Medical Aesthetician.

  • Jen Rier, RN, BSN

    Jen Rier, RN, BSN

    Aesthetic Nurse

    She loves that Plastics allows her to use her clinical skills while also getting to be involved in life-changing experiences for our patients

  • Genna Sinsel, CST

    Genna Sinsel, CST

    Aesthetic Surgical Technician

    Genna assists Dr. Connors in the OR and during post-op appointments.

  • Amber Hurt, RN, BSN

    Amber Hurt, RN, BSN

    Aesthetic Nurse

    Amber assists in new patient consultations, pre-operative and post-operative appointments, in the OR, and in PACU.