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Atlanta, GA Patient has Abdominal Etching Procedure*

Procedure Details

This active patient in his mid-forties came to the office to discuss Liposuction and Abdominal Etching with Dr. Connors. Years ago he underwent weight loss surgery and lost a considerable amount of weight. Once the weight loss had been maintained, he had a an Abdominoplasty procedure (Tummy Tuck) to remove the excess skin on his abdomen. Presently, he works out on a regular basis and eats a balanced diet. Even with this healthy lifestyle, this patient felt like he could not get the midsection that he wanted through diet and exercise alone. After meeting with Dr. Connors, they made a surgical plan to perform an Abdominal Etching procedure. Dr. Connors used a Laser Assisted Liposuction (Smartlipo) technique to remove the excess fat in the patient's abdomen and waist areas. He then went back in and contoured and sculpted around his abdominal muscles chiseling out the six-pack abs that he works so hard on. The patient loves his results and feels so confident with his new abdomen and midsection!


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