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Woodbridge, GA Patient has Breast Reduction Procedure*

Procedure Details

This patient in her early sixties came to the office to discuss a Breast Reduction procedure with Dr. Connors. Prior to surgery, her breasts were an H-Cup and she desired to be a full C-Cup post surgery. The patient was experiencing (and had been for years) back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the size and weight of her large breasts. She also had a concern with the asymmetry in her breasts, with her left being larger than her right. All of these factors made it very hard for the patient to find properly fitting undergarments and clothing. In order to address all of the patient's concerns, Dr. Connors recommended a Breast Reduction. During the procedure, Dr. Connors made an anchor incision (around the areola, vertically down the breast, and at the fold of the breast). He then removed excess skin and breast tissue to reduce the size of her breasts, create symmetry, and lift her breasts. He also performed a reduction on both areola in order to make them more proportionate to her new breast size. Since her Breast Reduction, the patient's back, neck, and shoulder pain has been alleviated and she no longer has the same trouble finding and purchasing undergarments and clothing. She absolutely loves her results and couldn't be happier!


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