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50 Year Old Sugar Hill, GA Patient has Breast Reduction Procedure*

Procedure Details

This fifty year old patient came to the office to discuss a Breast Reduction procedure with Dr. Connors. For many years, she suffered from back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the weight of her L-Cup breasts. She also had severe rashes underneath and between her breasts that no powder or cream would alleviate. Prior to surgery, she tried many different conservative therapy options to relieve her pain, but none were successful. It was also nearly impossible for this patient to find undergarments and clothing that fit properly. Dr. Connors used an anchor incision (around the areola, vertically down the breast, and at the inframammary fold) and removed a large amount of breast tissue in order to get the patient to her desired Full D-cup size. He also reduced the size of both of her areola in order for them to be proportionate to her smaller breasts. Since surgery, she has been able to stop the use of powders, creams, and pain medication, and she no longer dreads shopping for undergarments and shirts! This patient has told us numerous times that she loves her results and this surgery was life-changing!


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