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Patient in Early 30's Has a Breast and Areola Reduction Procedure*

Procedure Details

This patient in her 30's came to the office to discuss a Breast Reduction (along with the correction of breast asymmetry) Procedure with Dr. Connors. She suffered constantly from back and neck pain which interfered with her daily life/activities. She also experienced rashes underneath her breasts which were intensified during warmer weather or when she exercised. For over a year, this patient tried conservative therapy including: daily use of anti-inflammatory medication, warm bath soaks, expensive undergarments and creams to relieve the symptoms she was experiencing due to the size of her breasts. This patient was also concerned about the size of her areola and wanted to have those reduced as well. Upon examination, Dr. Connors noted that the patient was suffering from Macromastia (abnormally large breasts), Breast Asymmetry, Hyperplasia (an increased amount of tissue that can result in gross enlargement of an organ or area) and enlarged areolae. To address these concerns, Dr. Connors performed a Breast Reduction procedure. He used an anchor incision and removed the appropriate amount of breast tissue from each breast in order to correct the asymmetry and take the patient to a full DD-Cup down to her desired full C-Cup. He also reduced the size of her areola to be proportionate with her smaller breasts. The patient is so excited about her results. Because of the surgery, she no longer experiences the pain, rashes and frustration due to the size of her breasts.


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