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Norcross, GA Patient has Breast Reduction Procedure*

Procedure Details

This patient in her early forties came to the office to discuss a Breast Reduction procedure with Dr. Connors. For years, she had concerns with the size and weight of her breasts. On a daily basis she was experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pain. She also had grooving on her shoulders from her bra straps digging in, and experienced chaffing and rashes in between and underneath her breasts. Shopping for properly fitting undergarments and clothing was nearly impossible. At her appointment, Dr. Connors believed that she was a perfect candidate for a Breast Reduction procedure. Prior to surgery, the patient was a full G-Cup and wanted to be a C-Cup. During the procedure, Dr. Connors made anchor incisions on both breasts and removed the appropriate amount of breast tissue from each breast (775 grams from the right and 894 grams from the left) in order to create symmetry and the C-Cup size the patient desired. Post-surgery, the pain, chaffing, and rashes she was experiencing on a daily basis have now subsided. She no longer has issues finding undergarments and clothing that fit properly. She is so happy and absolutely loves her results!


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