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Alpharetta, GA Patient has Breast Reduction Surgery*

Procedure Details

This patient in her mid-fifties came to the office to discuss a Breast Reduction procedure with Dr. Connors. For years, she had suffered from neck and shoulder pain along with rashes under here breasts that were all attributed to the size of her breasts. In attempts to alleviate the pain and rashes, she took over the counter pain medication every day and constantly sought out conservative therapy treatments (therapeutic massage, gels, creams, etc.) . She also had a very hard time finding undergarments and clothing that fit her appropriately. Preoperatively her breasts were an asymmetrical 34DD (with her right breast being larger than her left) and her ideal size was a 34C. During the procedure, Dr. Connors used an anchor incision and removed the appropriate amount of breast tissue in each breast in order to create symmetry and reduce the size of her breasts to her desired size. He also reduced the size of her areolas to make them proportional to the new size of her breasts. Postoperatively, the patient no longer suffers from neck and shoulder pain and no longer has rashes under her breasts. She can also find undergarments and clothing that fit her properly with ease!


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