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Grantville, GA Patient has a Breast Implant Exchange w/ Correction of Asymmetry*

Procedure Details

This patient came to the office to discuss a Breast Implant Exchange with Dr. Connors. The patient was concerned that the implant in her left breast was hardening and was too high. She was also experiencing pain in that breast. She wanted to replace both implants, decreasing the size of her breasts without having to have a Mastopexy (breast lift). Dr. Connors used an inframammary approach and removed her previous implants (Mentor 450cc High Profile, Silicone). Upon examination of the patient's breast capsule pocket, Dr. Connors confirmed that the she was suffering from capsular contracture. He then performed a total capsulectomy on one breast and a partial capsulectomy on the other. Once the breast pockets were repaired, Dr. Connors placed Mentor 350cc Moderate Profile Plus, Textured Silicone Implants submuscularly. With these implants he was able to achieve the desired decrease in breast size without having to perform a Mastopexy (breast lift). He was also able to address the asymmetry in the patient's breasts. The patient is so happy with her results and is glad that she came to Dr. Connors for her Revision Breast Surgery!


Northside Hospital Atlanta

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