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Flowery Branch, GA Patient has Breast Implant Exchange*

Procedure Details

This patient in her late twenties came to the office to discuss Revision Breast Surgery with Dr. Connors. She had her primary Breast Augmentation with another surgeon in 2015 and had developed Grade III and Grade IV Capsular Contracture in her breasts. The buildup of scar tissue caused her breasts to become very firm and for her implants to sit very high, thus making her nipples point both downward and outward. The patient was pleased with her size, needed the scar tissue removed from her breast pockets (Capsulectomy) and her implants replaced. Dr. Connors also recommended using Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) on the left breast for added support in keeping the new implant anchored in position preventing the nipple from pointing outward. During the procedure, Dr. Connors performed a bilateral Capsulectomy and then placed the ADM on the left side. Then, using a Keller Funnel, Dr. Connors replaced the patient's implants (submuscularly) using Mentor, Moderate Profile Plus, Silicone implants. For best symmetry, Dr. Connors used a 400cc implant on the right and a 450cc implant on the left. The patient feels great post-surgery and is very excited about her results!


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