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Marietta, GA Patient has Breast Augmentation with Lift*

Procedure Details

This patient in her thirties came to the office to discuss a Breast Augmentation and Correction of Breast Asymmetry. Preoperatively she was an A-cup and desired to be a full C-cup. Upon examination, Dr. Connors recommended two different sized implants along with a lift (Mastopexy) on the larger breast. Dr. Connors used periareolar incisions on both breasts and performed a periareolar lift on the left breast. He then used a Mentor 225cc, silicone, Moderate Profile Plus implant on the right breast and a Mentor 300cc, silicone Moderate Profile Plus implant on the left breast. Dr. Connors was able to achieve the size and symmetry that the patient was hoping for. She loves her results and wishes she would have had the procedure done years ago!


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