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Atlanta, GA Patient has Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift*

Procedure Details

This patient in her forties came to the office to discuss breast concerns with Dr. Connors. Though the patient liked the overall size of her breasts (full C-Cup), she felt as though she had lost volume in the upper portion of her breasts causing them to appear "droopy." She was also unhappy with the size and irregular shape of her areola and wanted them smaller and a more circular shape. In order to correct the ptosis/atrophy (loss of volume) in her breasts and keep her at a full C-Cup, Dr. Connors recommended a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) as well as a Breast Augmentation. Dr. Connors used a Lollipop Incision (a combination of a circumareolar and a vertical Incision) for the Breast Lift. He removed a small amount of breast tissue and skin in order to raise the breasts so her nipple placement was now pointing outwards more so than downwards. He also resized and shaped her areola to look more proportionate to her breasts. In order to make up for the breast tissue that was removed during the lift, Dr. Connors placed Mentor, 250cc, Moderate Profile Plus Silicone Implants submuscularly. This small implant kept the patient at the same size she was preoperatively just as she desired. The patient loves how natural her results are and is so happy she chose to have both an augmentation and lift!


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