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Woodstock, GA Patient has Mommy Makeover Procedure*

Procedure Details

This patient in her late thirties came to the office to discuss a Mommy Makeover Procedure - breasts and abdomen - with Dr. Connors. Her concern with her breasts was the lack of breast tissue. She was a very petite, yet asymmetrical, A-Cup pre-operatively and wanted to be a C-Cup post-operatively. Her main concern with her abdomen was the fullness in her lower abdomen caused by the separation of her abdominal muscles (Diastasis Recti) which is very common after pregnancy. Upon consultation, Dr. Connors recommended a standard Breast Augmentation along with a Standard Tummy Tuck in order to address all of her concerns. During the Breast Augmentation portion, Dr. Connors used an Inframammary Incision (at the fold of the breast) and placed the implants behind the muscle. In order to correct the mild asymmetry, he used two different sized implants - 325cc on the right and 300cc on the left - both Mentor, Silicone, Moderate Profile Plus implants. During the Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) portion, Dr. Connors made an incision at the patient's pubic region and removed the very small amount of excess skin and fatty tissue. He also repaired and tightened the patient's abdominal muscles correcting the fullness in her lower abdomen. The patient loves the results of both her Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck Procedures.


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