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Atlanta, GA Patient has Gynecomastia and Liposuction Procedures*

Procedure Details

This patient in his early sixties came to the office to discuss multiple Body Contouring procedures with Dr. Connors. His concerns were with the fullness in his chest and in his midsection. Upon examination, Dr. Connors recommended a Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) procedure to address his chest. Since the fullness was due to an excess of fat cells rather than actual breast tissue, Dr. Connors recommended doing this viaLaser-Assisted Liposuction (Smartlipo). He also recommended using the Smartlipo procedure to address his abdomen and waist. During surgery, Dr. Connors started by using the laser in the patient's chest, abdomen, and waist. The laser not only helps to breakdown fat cells making them more easily suctioned, it heats the skin from the inside helping to create a skin tightening effect. Dr. Connors then liposuctioned the chest and midsection in order to remove excess fat cells and provide contour and shape. The patient not only had exceptional results from these procedures, but he has enhanced those results even further on his own. In having this surgery, it gave him a boost in motivation to continue working hard and pushing himself at the gym!


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