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Dacula, GA Patient has Liposuction and Brazilian Buttocks Lift Procedures*

Procedure Details

This patient in her forties came to Dr. Connors to discuss Liposuction along with a Brazilian Buttock Lift. For years, the patient felt as though she struggled with excess fat in her abdomen, waist and thighs. Though slender, she was not as defined and contoured as she wanted to be. She also felt that her buttocks was lacking shape. The patient was hoping to achieve a fuller, more round backside. After meeting with Dr. Connors, they decided to Liposuction multiple areas in order to harvest the fat for reinjection during the Brazilian Buttock Lift Procedure. Dr. Connors used a traditional liposuction technique for the patient's abdomen, waist, inner/outer/posterior thighs. He removed the excess fat cells and contoured those areas. As those cells were being removed, they went through a special fat filter that prepared them to be injected into the patient's buttocks. Once placed in syringes, Dr. Connors injected the patient's own fat cells in order to increase volume and improve the shape of her backside. In addition to increasing the volume of the patient's buttocks, he was able to fill in deficits in the upper portion of the patient's buttocks and smooth out smaller depletions in her lower buttocks. This created a much more round, feminine shape. This patient loves her results (she's only 6 weeks post op) and is excited to continue to see progress in her healing over the next six to twelve months!


Northside Hospital Atlanta

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