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Rex, GA Patient has Liposuction of Abdomen and Waist under Twilight Sedation*

Procedure Details

This patient in her mid-thirties came to the office to discuss Body Contouring options with Dr. Connors. For years, she had been concerned with excess fat cells in her midsection, but was hesitant to go under general anesthesia during surgery. At her consultation, Dr. Connors determined that she was a great candidate for Smartlipo (laser assisted liposuction) under Twilight Sedation, so she would not have to go completely under for the procedure. Prior to her surgery the patient was sedated using prescribed oral medications. Once comfortable, Dr. Connors removed the excess fat cells and contoured the patient's abdomen and waist areas. The patient was very glad that she had the option of Twilight Sedation and she absolutely loves her results!


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